Çınar Teknoloji


Cinar Database

Table or object oriented!

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL don't matter. Access them all through the same interface. Enjoy writing generic codes by using metadata.

Cinar Database Tools

Not only an SQL Client!

A powerfull SQL client. Code Generator. Scheduler. Database transformer. Diagram maker. Scriptifiable.

Cinar CMS

Develop your we site!

Is there any better than this developed for designing and programming a web site? Maybe... Who knows?

Cinar Issue Tracking

Manage your tasks and bugs!

You can use this app as a sample Cinar framework application and customize it easily for your needs.

Cinar UI Commands

Stop writing codes by double-clicking that button!

A command pattern library. Design your app as commands. Bind these commands to your UI with full flexibility.

Cinar Scripting

Write apps extendable without compiling!

Provide your users with scripting support which can help your app reach its full potential you have never imagined. Contains editor, debugger and code completion!

Cinar Extensions

You wrote same codes too many times. Now rest!

Use C# extensions written for String, JSON, XML, Reflection, Drawing, etc.

Cinar FamFamFam

Easily use FamFamFam icons!

It is very easy to use this library compiled as a public resource.

Cinar POP3

Download POP3 mails from server!

Develop applications which can communicate with email like removing people from sending list who send message to remove@yoursite.com

Cinar Template Design

Prepare templates and execute them!

Draw diagrams, feed with data sources and get results as JPEG or TIFF.

Cinar Web Server

A simple web server!

Add the potential of web to your desktop application by using this minimalist HTTP server.

Cinar WinApp

Develop data-centric desktop applications!

Hem de göz açıp kapayıncaya kadar kısa sürede. (Çınar Database Tools'un code generator'ı sağolsun)

Cinar Scheduler

Execute scheduled codes!

Pause, continue, log, watch..

Cinar RSS Reader

Read RSS!

The rest is up to you.